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Performance in Action
We will soon be launching new team portfolios designed to meet your investment objectives, available as mutual funds for retail investors and as separately managed accounts for high net worth customers.

We believe that any client could have one portion of his or her portfolio managed with an eye towards protection against another crash and another portion of the portfolio focused on investment for the longer term.

In these economic times, we need a bold, fresh, and transparent approach to investing.
For clients who place equal importance on performance and downside risk management, we offer the SWAN (Sleep Well At Night). We believe that clients who start out with a nominal investment in SWAN will invest more after they see the SWAN team protect them against market downturns and still provide a good market return.

For investors whose priority is performance, we offer the ART (Absolute Return Team) team. We can also grow an account by expanding the discussion to the portion of their portfolio that has a longer investment horizon.

With SWAN and ART, we have strong offerings to cross-sell into both portions of each and every client portfolio.
It takes a team to make this happen. In these economic times, a bold, fresh, and transparent approach to investing must be one that is based on proven track records of the best fund managers, each of whom has shown excellent judgment in all kinds of market conditions for at least half a decade.


Please note that past performance is no guarantee of future results.



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