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Open a Separately Managed Account (SMA)
Tailoring Investment Objectives
Marketocracy Capital Management’s Separately Managed Accounts

Thank you for your interest in opening a Marketocracy Managed Account.

Here are the steps to get started:

STEP 1: Become a Marketocracy Managed Account Client

Download the following client agreement by clicking on it. This is the client information form and signature page for all of the agreements below. Each account owner or trustee must fill-out and sign their own individual form:

Client Agreement for a Managed Account (MA-100-001)
This form contains the signature page for all of the agreements listed below (you can download and review any of the agreements by clicking on the name of the agreement below).

General Terms and Conditions (MA-100-002) describes the managed account program.
Limited Power of Attorney with Trading Authorization (MA-100-006) gives us the authority to establish and trade a brokerage account at FOLIOfn on your behalf.

mFOLIO Program Supplement (MA-300-001) supplements the General Terms and Conditions with details specific to managed accounts which are set up at FOLIOfn.

Managed Accounts Programs Brochure (MA-100-004) Summary of the program.

MCM Form ADV, Part II (MA-100-003) Information about Marketocracy Capital Management, LLC
FOLIOfn Customer Agreement describes FOLIOfn's policies.

STEP 2: Choose the type of account(s) you would like to open at FOLIOfn

Regular Taxable Account (MA-100-007) for individual and joint accounts.
Retirement Account (MA-100-008) for Roth IRAs, Rollover IRAs, SEP IRAs, and Traditional IRAs
Revocable Trust Account (MA-100-009) for Living Trust
Corporate Account (MA-100-010) for Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporations, Partnerships, Charitable Remainder Trusts, etc. ($250,000 minimum account)

STEP 3: Send us your completed forms

Email back to us the three page Client Agreement for a Managed Account (MA-100-001) from step 1 and the form for the type of account you selected in step 2. Please email with your completed forms. 

When we receive your forms via email, we will establish your brokerage account at FOLIOfn. When the account is active, we'll send you information regarding your account, how to access it online at FOLIOfn (Click here to go to the FOLIOfn website), and how to fund your account.

STEP 4: Select the mFOLIO(s) you would like your account to mirror

We're available to explain each of the mFOLIOs and to discuss whether they are appropriate for your needs and objectives. When you've made your decision fill out this Client Instruction form with your mFOLIO selections:

• Initial Client Instruction (MA-300-003)


Please note that past performance is no guarantee of future results.



Contact Info

Marketocracy Capital Management, LLC.

In California:
     26888 Almaden Court
Los Altos, CA 94022
In Texas:
1208 West Magnolia — Suite 236
Fort Worth, TX 76104

(877) 462-4180