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Separately Managed Account

A Select Team for Your Separately Managed Account

MCM Analysts have distinctive investment styles tailored to your individual investment objectives. Put their strategies to work for you.

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Separately Managed Account

Learn more about our separately managed account (SMA) program.
Our MCM separately managed account program enables clients to access and incorporate our tailored investment strategies, Explore and ART (Absolute Return Team), into your portfolio management. Select the strategy that fits best with your investment goals and philosophy; whether you place equal importance on performance and downside risk management or you are comfortable with a more aggressive strategy, find it here.

Invest with the Warren Buffetts Next Door

Invest alongside the Warren Buffetts Next Door.
You can also customize a strategy for your MCM separately managed account. Base your investment decisions on your choice of the selected, premier model portfolios of the Warren Buffetts Next Door and our other talented Marketocracy Masters, all of whom have shown excellent judgment in all kinds of market conditions—all sectors and styles—with five-to-ten year track records. We monitor them for performance and adherence to our stated
investment objectives and policies. Utilize their guidance and start the investment process today.

Open An Account Today

Open an account now or have a representative contact you to discuss your goals and objectives.
There are two things we can say about the future; the market will change, and no one performs well all the time. However, we expect analysts with verifiable track records of strong performance to apply the same good judgment to future opportunities as in the past. The Marketocracy Masters were selected because they all have long-term track records showing that they can deliver returns and take protective action at the right times. We monitor performance and ask each to answer for results. Open your account.


Please note that past performance is no guarantee of future results.